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Cancer and Oral Health


Cancer—the word that has the ability to strike fear into the hearts of all of us. In the 1940’s one in 16 people developed cancer, today it’s one in three. There are not many of us that have not been touched on a personal level by this awful disease. Cancer can show up any time and in any place in the body. Young and old, it can affect anyone. With some it can be a temporary setback, while to others it is deadly. Modern medicine’s way of treating cancer is often referred to as “Cut, Burn, Poison,” and hope the cancer dies before the patient. I once read a research article that had interviewed oncologists and 80 percent of them said they would never take chemotherapy themselves. However, many lives have been saved using these methods, but is there something else? The time to educate oneself on alternative cancer therapies is before the cancer shows up. Once the diagnosis has been made, fear sets in and it may be hard to think objectively.

cancer oral healthThere are many alternative cancer therapies available that may be tried before going the route of modern medicine. In fact, there have been many of the rich and famous who have used alternative therapies to cure their cancers. Consider names such as Ronald Regan, Jack Nicholson, Elizabeth Taylor, Cher, Siegfried and Roy, and Suzanne Somers. Some of these therapies have proven to be very effective, while others are pure quackery. Because many of the natural therapies involve eating better, and living a healthier lifestyle, they can often help keep you cancer free.

Some of these natural therapies may include simple things like baking soda, certain foods, thermal scans and removal of root-canal teeth. Also from a dental standpoint, reducing inflammation with regular teeth cleaning can help one avoid cancers. There are many more therapies, one of the most powerful being nothing more than brain waves introduced through headphones. This is currently in research phase here, but is being used with great success in other parts of the world.

I myself, being a biological dentist, have seen some possibly miraculous natural cancer cures, so I will admit I am biased. The purpose of this article is just to help people realize that if cancer strikes, they may have more choices than they think to fight it.

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