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Payson Dentistry by Dr. Scott Chandler

What makes Dr. Scott Chandler a great dentist?

Aside from his extensive skills and knowledge of all of the latest techniques in dentistry, Dr. Scott has a way of putting people at ease. His chairside manner is impeccable, and he is not opposed to lightening up the mood to put the person at ease.

Dr. Scott’s presence at Silver Creek Dental is not the only reason that it is the best dental Payson residents can find in their own home town. He has an elite cadre of people helping him to achieve the total dental experience that will keep people coming back for more.

The team provides several amenities that include:

  • A friendly atmosphere
  • Professionalism that does not reach the point of stuffy
  • Sedation dentistry
  • Teeth whitening
Silver Creek Dental is committed to providing an experience that brings dentistry to the border of magical. The team’s friendliness really helps them stand out from the crowd. They understand the issues that people of the Payson area are experiencing. This helps them to keep in tune with those procedures that would prove most beneficial for the majority of the population.

Sometimes professionalism can be seen as hoity-toity. Dr. Scott and his team make sure that while things are taken care of in a professional manner, they still are able to keep from becoming too professional.

Not every person will have the same dental issue and some may have issues that require more extensive work. Sedation dentistry is the answer. Sedation dentistry provides the patient and the doctor with benefits like:

  • Reduced anxiety
  • The ability to communicate during the procedure
  • For the patient, the anesthesia used generally has an amnesiac side effect, so that the procedure is not remembered

Teeth whitening will help people feel good about their smile. This will help them smile more – not only increasing their face value, but also making them more approachable and enjoyable to be around. When you are not afraid to show your teeth, you will have a better time.

To find the Payson top dental clinic, you have no further to look than Silver Creek Dental. Pick up the phone, make an appointment and come experience the difference.