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FAQ About Our Payson Dentist Office

Dental Information Payson Residents Can Use

At Silver Creek Dental, we know that choosing a new dentist can be stressful. You have questions, and that is normal. We have the answers for you. Our dentists are committed to keeping you and your family in the loop regarding your dental health. Take a look at our FAQ and if you have more questions give us a call!

Silver Creek Dental also offers home sleep tests for people who are at risk for sleep apnea. Our equipment is approved by most medical insurances, and is much cheaper and often more accurate and comfortable than going to a sleep center for testing.
Holistic Dentistry can also be called Biological Dentistry. It means we use only the safest, most natural materials and procedures in our practice. It is dentistry that takes into account your overall, long-term health. It means we don’t use any substances that are toxic to the body, such as Mercury in fillings and gutta-purcha in root canal therapy.

In our office we don’t use Fluoride. It is a chemical used routinely in dentistry, and in many communities even ingested in the water. But the harmful effects of Fluoride are coming to light in recent studies, some of which show Fluoride poisoning can be worse than lead poisoning, especially for young children and the elderly. Dr. Chandler recommends Xylitol for stronger teeth and cavity prevention rather than Fluoride.

Dr. Scott Chandler is a member of the Holistic Dental Association, and is well trained in natural dentistry. He often works with well-known natural healers such as Dr. Mark Lafferty in Payson, Utah. He has been practicing general dentistry since 2001, and performs safer root canal therapy, safely removes Mercury fillings, and offers Zirconia dental implants as an alternative to Titanium.
All of our materials and procedures have been tested to not interfere with the body’s biomeridians or energy flows.
Metal expands and contracts with hot and cold, and allows decay to grow in the tiny spaces around it. Long term, it has been known to crack teeth, and the metal breaks down and leaks toxins into the body. At Silver Creek Dental we do not use ANY METALS. Dentists have been using metal in fillings for many years, but amalgam fillings contain Mercury, a substance known to be extremely toxic. People are searching for a safe way to have their old Mercury fillings removed without risking more Mercury exposure. Dr. Scott Chandler at Silver Creek Dental gives them that option. We have specific protocols when removing Mercury fillings and we only use composite resins and porcelains to rebuild teeth. Dr. Chandler also offers Zirconia dental implants as an alternative to Titanium.
Zirconia, or ceramic dental implants have been shown to not interfere with the body’s biomeridians. Regular Titanium implants may interfere with these meridians, causing sedation of organs and subsequent health concerns. Zirconia implants have been in use since 2004 and have an excellent record of clinical success.
Root Canal Therapy can be risky, and many more natural minded health professionals do not recommend it. This is partially because of the material gutta-purcha which most dentists use to fill the root canal. It is allergenic, and full of harmful chemicals, and often shrinks and allows bacteria and decay to grow, causing more long-term problems. Dr. Chandler does not use gutta-purcha, and so can offer a safer alternative in root canal therapy.
Some studies show that Fluoride can make teeth and bones brittle and decrease IQ in children, especially if ingested. It has also been known to interfere with thyroid function. All of our products are Fluoride free. Dr. Chandler recommends Xylitol for optimum cavity prevention rather than Fluoride. Xylitol strengthens enamel and balances the mouth’s natural PH levels, which prevents acid that increases bacterial growth and causes cavities.
Yes! We accept most insurances, and we’re happy to offer a complimentary benefits check and get the details of your specific plan. It is our policy to estimate what the patient portion may be and inform the patient or guardian before performing any procedure.
We recommend Care Credit for most payment options. They offer several no interest options, as well as long-term payment plans.