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Dental Crowns – Payson Dentist

Silver Creek Dental offers dental crown services for a variety of cases.

Dental crowns have many uses including:

    • To protect a tooth from decay
  • To provide support for a weak or cracked tooth

  • To make a cosmetic modification

The Payson dental crown is no different. What is different is the expertise and the care that is taken when someone needing a crown chooses to get it done at Silver Creek Dental.

Silver Creek Dental provides the latest techniques and offers a complete line of tooth crowns. Crowns may be made of materials like:

  • Porcelain
  • Ceramic
  • Resin

These materials may be combined to create different effects and different price points. They also have positives and negatives in regards to opposing tooth wear and permanence.

Because crowns should be made to fit a specific mouth, permanent crowns are made in a laboratory. This means that it will take at least two visits to get a permanent crown. During the first visit, the dentist may construct a temporary crown to put in place while waiting for the permanent one to arrive.

If taken care of correctly, crowns may last the life time of the patient. They require the same attention to oral care as other teeth and should not be overlooked when brushing and flossing.

Going to Silver Creek Dental for your crown is a good call because Silver Creek Dental makes dentistry easy. The clinic offers sedation dentistry. This means that the patient receives some anesthesia before the procedure. During the procedure, the patient is able to communicate with the dentist, but the patient usually does not remember anything that happens during the procedure. This makes the procedure painless.

Getting your teeth and oral health to its maximum potential should be high on everyone’s to do list. Oral health affects the body’s overall health in ways that science hasn’t even begun to explore yet. Because the teeth and the mouth are the first part of the digestion system, having good oral health helps you to better utilize the nutrients in food that may otherwise remain unlocked when swallowed whole.

If you need tooth crowns, Payson residents, you have the best dental office available! Give your mouth the royal treatment today and contact Silver Creek Dental.