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From Payson, Utah Dentist Scott Chandler, DMD

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Denture Fitting and Services – Payson Dentist

Dentures should fit well, feel comfortable and add to the person’s sense of self-worth.

Great fitting dentures that are well fitted to the mouth provide the person with several benefits including:

  • A reason to smile
  • Confidence at the table
  • The ability to laugh without fear

The worst nightmare of anyone who wears dentures is that the dentures will fall out of his or her mouth at an inopportune time. The dentures may end up in a plate during a fine dining experience. They could end up on the floor during a cocktail party, or they could come out and scare or disgust the grandchildren.

The biggest fear is that when the dentures do come out, they will make the person wearing them a social pariah. While this fear is totally unfounded, it is very real.

Some people have learned to deal with their unstable dentures by joking about them. They take them out at any given opportunity usually after setting the scene with a joke of some sort. Some may even see it as a way to educate their grandchildren about dentures and how not to get them.

However, in a society driven by what looks good, it is important to have confidence and control when it comes to your teeth. A smile is one of the most valuable ways that we communicate across cultural and language barriers. Those who do not smile may be seen as angry, sullen and curmudgeonly, and indeed, they may become so because a smile releases endorphins.

Payson dentures built with knowledge and skill of a master craftsman can be found by going to Silver Creek Dental. Among the benefits that the clinic offers are:

  • Friendly staff
  • Payment plans
  • Sedation dentistry

Oral care should be affordable even on a limited budget, and the staff at Silver Creek Dental understands that concept. They know that people need to have a healthy outlook on life in order to be healthy.

Get over to Silver Creek Dental and get your teeth checked out. The mouth changes over time, so it is important to get the right fit for your dentures in Payson.