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Cavity Fillings and Preventative Care – Payson Dentist

Dental fillings do not have to be a scary thing.

Some people are afraid of the dentist because of past experiences with fillings. It is difficult to deal with things like:

  • The discomfort of instruments in the mouth
  • The sound of the drill
  • Pain caused by a mistake

Silver Creek Dental takes the fear out of Payson Dental Fillings. Using a technique called sedation dentistry; the clinic is able to help the patient experience a painless dental procedure without compromising the integrity of the work done.

When a person is sedated, he or she is still able to communicate with the dentist. That means that the dentist can get help from the patient and can learn when something is uncomfortable. Because of the side effects of the anesthesia used, the patient rarely remembers the procedure. It is the best of both worlds.

Tooth fillings in Payson can save a patient from experiencing consequences that are much worse in the future. Untreated tooth decay can lead to the need for root canals and the removal of teeth, which means dentures or implants and a possible loss of self-confidence.

The mouth is so vital to a person that we often take it for granted, but we depend on it for several things like:

  • Eating
  • The sound and quality of our voices
  • Our smiles

A person’s smile is worth more than gold. It is how the person is perceived and sometimes identified. A smile communicates that the person is having a good time and reinforces that good time with a release of endorphins.

Most importantly, smiling is contagious, and in today’s age, it is more important than ever that every person be able to smile and to feel good about his or her smile. That is how joy can spread to combat the less savory aspects of life.

Get over to Silver Creek Dental and get your fillings taken care of. The people that will feel better about it will include you, your family and anyone else who catches your smile. It is kind of like having a super power.