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Trust Dr. Scott the Payson Pediatric Dentist at Silver Creek Dental

A pediatric dentist Payson residents trust is Dr. Scott at Silver Creek Dental.

It is often hard to get children to see the dentist because of past bad experiences. That means that it is important to find someone whom the children can trust. If the child has had no experience with the dentist, it is important to get them to a dentist that can make the experience as enjoyable and uneventful as possible.

Many dentists resort to bribery to get children to come. They may offer things like:

    • Free video games
  • Free toy after the visit

  • Sugarless candy

These are all great ways to get a child to want to make going to the dentist a habit. It also helps them look forward to going to the dentist for the free stuff. It is, however, pointless to offer these types of things if the actual session in the dentist chair is unpleasant or painful.

As a Payson pediatric dentist, Dr. Scott understands the needs of children and how to communicate with them so that they know he values them as people and that they should value their teeth. Some children may even be motivated to floss after interacting with Dr. Scott.

Children’s teeth have different indicators than grown up teeth, and it is important for the dentist to know the differences and be able to articulate them in such a way that the child feels happy about their oral health while still getting the treatment that he or she needs.

Because children’s teeth are still developing, some dentist may make the mistake of talking about cavities when in fact, the tooth has not fully formed – while the lack of formation has left a hole, calling it a cavity can make a child feel bad, especially if he or she has faithfully taken care of his or her oral health needs. Rather than dishearten the child with a half-truth, the child should be encouraged.

Pediatric dentistry in Payson has never been better. Check out Silver Creek Dental and Dr. Scott before taking entrusting your children’s oral health to anywhere else.