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Payson Dentist for Root Canals

Root Canals can be a controversial topic, as they have been shown to be harmful to the health of some patients. Dr Chandler performs root canals using modern materials and sterilization techniques that have shown to be much better than previous techniques. People need teeth and often a root canal may still be the best option for many patients to keep existing teeth. If you feel that extraction is the best option for you, Dr. Chandler specializes in metal-free ceramic dental implants.

Sign up for a root canal procedure in Payson and stop the pain

If you need a root canal procedure in Payson, Dr. Chandler and his friendly team at Silver Creek Dental are here for you! We know the thought of a root canal can be a scary procedure for many patients. Due to this we do provide sedation dentistry and Dr. Chandler uses that latest technology and techniques to treat your root canal quickly and to make sure you do not feel pain. Typically you will be able to detect a tooth that may need a root canal due to the following symptoms:

  • Throbbing pain in the area
  • Pain that wakes you up in the night
  • Pain every time you eat or drink (even breathing in can hurt)

Dr. Chandler will check the tooth and an x-ray will be taken to check on the nerve of the tooth. If it is determined that you need a Payson root canal, Dr. Chandler will start right away to stop the pain. We may be able to complete the entire root canal in one visit or we may need you to come back for a second visit to complete it. Some teeth have multiple nerves that must be removed and it can require a longer procedure.

A root canal Payson will normally last about an hour or two. Some root canals may go faster based on how quickly Dr. Chandler can remove the nerve and clean the root. After the tooth is cleaned, a post will be inserted where the nerve used to be. This will help to keep the tooth strong. Since the tooth is now considered “dead”, you will eventually need to cover the tooth with a crown. If you do not crown a tooth with a root canal, it will start to grey and it can still be susceptible to decay.

A Holistic Approach

Root canals can be deadly. Many patients are aware of the possible whole body effects of an infected tooth.  The safest thing for your health when a tooth is infected, is to remove it and replace it with a ceramic metal-free implant or a porcelain bridge.  However, there are many instances when the patient may need to keep the tooth, and Dr. Chandler prides himself in performing “Holistic” root canals.  New material and techniques are allowing for safer root canals than in the past.  Bio-compatible root filling materials and laser sterilization of the tooth are just a few ways that this may be possible for you.  Come in and let us talk over your concerns about root canal therapy.


Costs vary for root canal therapy. Our Silver Creek Dental office can help with the costs by offering the following:

  • Dental insurance processing
  • Cash or credit payments
  • Payment plans

At Silver Creek Dental, we work hard to ensure your teeth are healthy and strong. Contact us immediately if you are experiencing any type of pain so we can work you in immediately and detect the issue and properly treat it.