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Teeth Cleaning Dentist in Payson

Regular dental exams and teeth cleaning will improve your oral health.

Payson teeth cleaning can enhance your oral health by checking for signs of decay, gum receding, and future orthodontic treatments. Since you are already doing your part to keep your teeth clean, we work hard to make sure we are doing our part to provide you with the best routine examination and teeth cleaning needs. Our friendly hygienist will be able to make sure that your daily oral health habits are working well to remove decay and to prevent your gums from receding. If you have habits that you are unaware of (like teeth grinding), we will be able to detect it and prevent future problems from occurring. There are many different benefits to teeth cleaning Payson including the following:

  • Preventing oral cancer
  • Preventing gum disease
  • To detect signs of dental problems
  • To stop bad breath

If you have sensitive teeth, we can help. With sedation dentistry, our team can help to reduce the pain. If you find that the pain is severe, we will use some anesthesia on that tooth. We want to make sure that the tooth cleaning in Payson goes off without a problem for you and that you enjoy your visit. So what can you expect when you come in to have your teeth cleaned? Here is a simple step by step guide as to what we do:

  • You will be greeted by our receptionist and taken to a dental chair
  • X-rays will be taken of your teeth
  • Our hygienist and assistant will come in and will use a scalar to remove stains and plaque buildup
  • The gums will be measured with a small probe
  • The hygienist or dental assistant will clean your teeth
  • Dr. Chandler will come in and examine your teeth to detect cavities and other issues

  • A follow up appointment will be made to remove cavities or another cleaning will be schedules in 6 months if Dr. Chandler does not see an issue

At Silver Creek Dental, we strive hard to help you maintain good oral health habits. Call us today to schedule your cleaning and to get tips for daily oral health habits you should follow to prevent decay!