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TMJ Treatment, Payson, UT

Jaw pain and problems with jaw function can be a serious issue. The cause behind this pain can often be treated.

What is TMJ?

Temporomandibular joints (TMJ) are the joints and muscles that allow your mouth to work. You need healthy jaw muscles and joints to be able to eat and chew normally, as well as speak.

tmj disorderThe jaw system is actually complex. There is a disc between the ball and socket of the joints, and this disc is important for enabling the jaw to open wide and rotate. If there is any malfunction with the bones, discs, ligaments or muscles of the jaw, you may experience pain and lack of ability to use your jaw properly.

A common reason for TMJ problems is tooth and jaw alignment. If the jaws are misaligned, pain can result from the imbalance. Injury to the jaw, such as dislocation, can also cause TMJ problems. Besides these issues, stress and arthritis can also be behind the problem.

How is it Fixed?

Because the causes can vary, it’s important that you consult with Dr. Chandler about your TMJ pain. He’ll be able to direct you to the best course of treatment.

The first step will most likely be to try something simple to ease the pain and discomfort. Eating soft foods, avoiding chewing gum and other dietary changes can be an important step.

There are ways to relax the jaw muscles that can be important for treatment. Dr. Chandler will discuss different ways to relax the jaw, which eases pain. Jaw tension is often behind the jaw pain. In addition, there are some exercises that can be done to improve symptoms.

Medication may be needed as part of the TMJ treatment, such as muscle relaxants, anti-anxiety medication or anti-inflammatories. Dr. Chandler may also give you a night guard, which helps decrease grinding and clinching of teeth.