Dental Financing Utah

Dentistry in Payson, Utah, is a unique resource to those with and without compromised health. Unfortunately, too many people feel that dentistry is too expensive and fail to give their teeth the necessary care. For that reason, we aim to provide the most affordable and beneficial dentistry to our patients available. We have a variety of dental financing options for you. Dr. Travis Storey is a dentist that accepts Medicaid. We happily accept most insurance plans. If you have no insurance, we can offer a Preferred Patient Discount Plan. With that, you may qualify for a free HSA for dental account to make budgeting for dental care easy and tax-free. Our office is focused on utilizing your insurance benefits as effectively as possible to get the most out of your coverage. Our practice also works with CareCredit. This loan company offers different plan types that include no-interest loans and extended payment plans with no money down, no pre-payment penalty, and no annual fee. All payments are required to be made at the time of the patient’s procedure. Payments can be made with credit cards and those who choose to pay with cash or check (at least five days before the procedure) will receive a five percent billing adjustment. Dr. Storey and our team hope to see you in our office soon! No matter what your financial situation is, your dental health is vital to your overall well-being. Call our office today to make an appointment and your smile will thank you.

Dental Financing Options

  • **Care Credit
  • **Lending Club
  • **Credit/Debit
  • **In office financing discount plan
  • We accept all major insurance coverage

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