Dental Technology

Dental Technology

Silver Creek Dental Of Payson has some of the newest technology that dentistry has to offer. This allows Dr. Storey to diagnose dentistry in the early stages, to avoid long term problems. We offer a Dental Cone Beam CT Scan to properly diagnose our patient’s dental needs. We also offer a variety of services with our Fotana Laser. Call our office today for a consultation at 801-465-1810.

–Dental Cone beam CT Scan is a 3D imaging type x-ray to check not only the teeth, but the foundation of the teeth which is the bone. It also aids in the diagnosing of teeth, dentition, nasal cavities, sinuses, soft tissues and bony structures of the face, and nerve pathways. These are extremely useful when regular dental x-rays are not sufficient in diagnosing properly.

–Fotana Laser is a dental laser that assists in cavity removal, dental procedure prep, healing soft tissue, removal of bony structures, laser root canals, Nightlase which helps eliminate snoring, and many more procedures. This may exclude the need for local anesthetic in some patients.

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We are currently providing service for people who have dental emergencies. We can also book out future appointments for less urgent dental procedures.

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