traditional titanium implants

Here at Silver Creek Dental Of Payson, Dr. Travis Storey wants to make sure that you have the latest technology in implant placement while being able to make the best possible decision for you and your health.  Titanium dental implants are very successful in dentistry to replace one or more missing teeth!  Because titanium is a high strength metal and one of least corrosive metals, it allows for them to be very safe to place in the mouth.  Titanium is used in many medical and dental procedures around the world!

Many dentists just “eyeball” the placement of their implants, but Dr. Storey uses a special surgical guide to place dental implants to avoid placing the implant in bone that is unhealthy or just too thin to support a dental implant.  With our C.T. Scan taken prior to any surgical procedure, this allows Dr. Storey to be confident in his implant success!  In most cases, our implants are screw retained which make less of a chance of glue getting into the implant threads which is one of the leading causes in implant failure.  Dr. Storey’s implants are 99% successful!  He strives in making your dental visit be painless and successful.  Call today for an implant consultation at 801-465-1810!

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