Laser Cavitation

Dr. Travis Storey has experience in performing advanced laser cavitation procedures to promote healing in specific areas that may be diseased.  Dr. Storey is experienced in diagnosing areas of the mouth that other dentists and medical providers may have failed to diagnose.  Because of our C.T. Scan that is performed right in our office, we are able to diagnosis and treat patients more efficiently which will require less dental visits and less time in the dental chair!

A patient may have a chronic infection in their body, toxins, or anaerobic (survives without air) bacteria that is trapped in a cavity or hole in the jaw bone either due to a dental extraction, orthodontic treatment, or many other dental procedures.  A laser cavitation procedure may be recommended to you based on your overall dental and health issues.  The laser cavitation procedure is performed in isolated areas of the mouth where the jaw has an open cavity or hole.  The cavitation procedure will rid the body of infected tissue and begin to promote healing and ultimately reduce our patient’s poor health.

We have many specialists who refer directly to Dr. Travis Storey because of his innovative technology but more importantly because of his gentle approach in performing laser cavitations.  In most cases, it only requires 1-2 dental appointments to achieve optimal overall health.  Call Silver Creek Dental Of Payson at 801-465-1810 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Storey.

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