Composite Dental Fillings

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Composite Dental Fillings

Dental Composites or white fillings are the best option for replacing lost tooth structure that can be supported by a filling.  We consider our patient’s health in everything we do which means we do not use traditional mercury fillings. Before we ever perform a procedure, there are aspects we try to address. To further this, Dr. Storey may suggest supplements and nutritional guidance that greatly help patients be in a healthy state before a dental procedure and thus be able to heal more quickly. Removing mercury can be toxic to the body so we have special equipment to minimize the amalgam, mercury fillings being swallowed by our patients. By recommending supplements, this helps to assist in ridding the body of any toxics due to longterm mercury being stored in the body, and to assure that our patients are healthy enough to benefit from our treatments properly. We also address our patient’s dental health with composite dental fillings in Payson, Utah, as a more aesthetic treatment option. Many of our patients look forward to being free from deteriorating and unsightly metal fillings which have been linked to many health issues. We happily provide this service.  At Silver Creek Dental Of Payson, you’ll also receive guidance and support throughout this entire process. It is our pleasure to help people look and feel better by replacing previous dental work. When this is done with safer materials, we see successful, durable and long lasting results. This is the life-improving power of modern innovative dentistry. We encourage you to experience our unique care for yourself. Please call 801-465-1810 to get started with our dentist soon!

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