Anesthetic buffering

Dr. Storey strives to make his patient’s dental procedures as pain free as possible.  We now offer anesthetic buffering for our patients.  Anesthetic buffering is a more profound approach to dental anesthetic.  It is an additional additive added to the anesthetic prior to administering the dental injections given to our patients.  It makes the anesthetic stronger and also the dental injections and procedures are less painful!  It also requires less injection sites which is definitely a win in dentistry!

There are many patients who have experienced and complained to Dr. Storey about issues and not being able to get numb during a dental visit done at other offices.  There are also patients who have required multiple injections done by other dentists over and over while attempting to get numb.  Dr. Storey illuminates this process by buffering anesthetic for those who would like to experience less pain and a more profound numbing during their dental visits at our office.  It is well researched and documented technology and Silver Creek Dental Of Payson has this technology waiting for you!  Call 801-465-1810 to schedule an appointment.

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We are currently providing service for people who have dental emergencies. We can also book out future appointments for less urgent dental procedures.

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