Nitrous Oxide Dental

Dr. Travis Storey at Silver Creek Dental Of Payson wants to provide exceptional services to his patients but he also wants to provide a pleasant and relaxing dental appointment in a comfortable setting which sometimes can be extremely difficult to do for some patients.  We offer Nitrous Oxide or “happy gas” to patients who feel this would work better for them.  It allows our patients to relax and sometimes even sleep through their dental procedures.  The Nitrous Oxide can be used in conjunction with oral sedation which is a medication given to enhance the Nitrous Oxide.  We want to make sure our patients are comfortable and can tolerate having their dental work completed start to finish without the anxiety that sometimes comes while having dental work completed.  Call 801-465-1810 to schedule an appointment to discuss if Nitrous Oxide is an option for you!

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We are currently providing service for people who have dental emergencies. We can also book out future appointments for less urgent dental procedures.

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