Dr. Travis Storey of Silver Creek Dental Of Payson uses a T-scan device as an objective assessment tool to evaluate the occlusion better know as “the bite” of a patient.  Articulating paper which is known to patients as “bite paper” is the carbon like paper used to check your bite during or after a dental procedure.  Articulating paper is a great resource for dentists but can only determine location of teeth.  A T-scan can identify both the force and timing which are two of the most fundamental parameters for measuring the occlusion or bite and has to do with the strength the jaw uses to function properly.

Many patients experience TMJ or Temporal Mandibular Joint Syndrome after finishing orthodontics, or after completing multiple dental procedures that required the jaw positioning to change.  Typically dentists may use the bite paper to check the bite, but this will not test the muscle relationship between the upper and lower jaw.  Using a T-scan for patients who are experiencing jaw issues currently or for patients who may be high risk for jaw issues post dental procedures, may need to have the T-scan assessment done before, during, or after dental procedures.  Dr. Storey uses a T-scan device on all our patients after his orthodontic services completed in our office to assure the exact accurate positioning of the jaw.  Call 801-465-1810 if you are experiencing or are concerned about experiencing issues related to your bite.

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