Zirconia crown

Putting on a zirconia crown

Zirconia Crown Procedure

Here at Silver Creek Dental Of Payson, we believe in using the strongest but also the most aesthetic option for our patients when completing restorative crowns.  Crowns are needed when a tooth structure can no longer support a large filling that has broke or has recurrent decay, when a tooth has a crack therefore holding the tooth together, or when a root canal is performed on back teeth which then makes the tooth more brittle and prone to breaking.  We use a zirconia crown to strengthen the weak teeth.

We use amazing labs right here in Utah to make zirconia crowns for our patients!  Our zirconia crowns illuminate the unsightly and unhealthy metals, but more importantly zirconia is much stronger and rarely breaks so it lasts significantly longer than the older types of porcelain to metal crowns.  Traditional porcelain to metal crowns were unsightly and often broke causing large expense to the patient and even sometimes causing the tooth itself to break needing a root canal or worse, an extraction.  Utilizing zirconia crown technology has been an amazing option for our patients!  There are different types of zirconia crowns that may be chosen for you depending upon your bite.  Call our office at 801-465-1810 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Travis Storey to evaluate if a zirconia crown is best for you!

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