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We are proud to provide the utmost care for our youngest patients with a healthy, early start in orthodontic intervention in Payson, Utah. We aim to educate children on proper oral hygiene habits in a fun and encouraging way. This shows them that going to the dentist is an enjoyable way to stay healthy. Dr. Storey, as a father of 7, is an expert in finding the most effective way to speak and work with each child he sees. Our advanced technology and techniques minimize any discomfort as we provide conservative and far-reaching dental care. We are dedicated to helping parents ensure their children enjoy a lifetime of happy, healthy smiles.

Beginning evaluation of our young patient’s teeth at an early age will ensure our best most effective course for the future orthodontic treatment of your child’s teeth. Our early intervention program addresses the development and progression of their dentition. This can prevent blocked airways that lead to breathing difficulties, especially while sleeping. This can resolve a variety of negative side effects associated with fatigue in small children, such as difficulty in school and behavioral issues. This “prevention stage” of dentistry can address crooked or improperly placed teeth early on. This is very valuable. Please contact our team today at 801-465-1810 for more information on the contributions of our early intervention program.

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We are currently providing service for people who have dental emergencies. We can also book out future appointments for less urgent dental procedures.

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