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Here at Silver Creek Dental Of Payson, Dr. Storey offers a variety of modern orthodontic treatments for your whole family. When it comes to orthodontic care, we offer adult orthodontics, appliances as well as adolescent orthodontics. Our orthodontic experts start monitoring your child’s orthodontic progression at an early age. In many cases, we are able to begin orthodontics as early as 8 years old to prevent malalignment of teeth prior to permanent teeth eruption. This early treatment prevents cartilage loss and root resorption of teeth, which is the leading cause of teeth moving out of place post orthodontics. Many patients do not know that malalignment of teeth and jaw positioning may create a condition known as Temporal Mandibular Syndrome or better known as TMJ. TMJ may cause headaches, neck aches, difficulty chewing, clicking, and locking of the jaw, chronic ear pain, muscle spasms, facial pain, and many other painful disorders. Dr. Storey has experience in treating TMJ. He offers traditional metal braces, ceramic braces, and orthodontic appliances/retainers. We also offer Invisalign. Call today for a free advanced orthodontics and/or appliance consultation to see if you are a candidate for orthodontics at 801-465-1810.

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