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Payson Teeth Whitening at Silver Creek Dental

Make your smile brighter with teeth whitening in Payson.

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If you are dealing with stained teeth it is time to consider teeth whitening in Payson! Our friendly team at Silver Creek Dental is here to help you achieve the perfect smile that you have always wanted. If brushing teeth doesn’t make your teeth white to your preference, teeth whitening is the solution. At home teeth whitening treatments are temporary and often do not whiten your teeth to the desired level. The professional Payson teeth whitening procedures we use will be able to perfect the color of your teeth to provide you with a radiant smile. Dr. Chandler and his friendly team uses the latest technology to erase stains and other discoloration. What can you expect on your visit? Here are some things to prepare for:

  • Plan on about 90 minutes
  • You will have a whitening tray with gel placed in the mouth
  • A ultraviolet light will shine on your teeth during the procedure and a dental assistant will check on you as you wait for the gel and light to work

Depending upon the desired whiteness you would like, we may need to see you for multiple visits. Typically a patient may notice a slight color change after the first visit. The peroxide treatment will start working immediately and the teeth will continue to get whiter. Our standard patients will come in for about 3 to 4 teeth whitening Payson treatments. There are several advantages that you will see as you whiten your teeth including the following:

  • Corrects yellow, brown or mottled tooth stains
  • Restoring brightness to a dull smile
  • Enhances your smile
  • Restores your confidence level as you can be proud of it once again!

Call us today to schedule a consultation. We can create a complete patient plan for you in order to perfect your smile to your desired whiteness along with other procedures such as future orthodontic treatment and dental implants. For more information about teeth whitening or the difference between in-office and teeth whitening at home call us or stop by to chat with our friendly staff. We will be happy to assist you!